e-Commerce Marketing Manager


Nations Fresh Food is a leading supermarket specializing in the best multi-ethnic fresh food shopping experience and destination for prepared meals from around the world. Nations Fresh Food operates four locations in Hamilton, Downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughan and is widely known and respected for its high quality products and competitive prices.

Nations Fresh Food imports and sells thousands of commodities to serve the diverse needs of our customers. We are hiring a senior e-Commerce Marketing Manager to attract more customers and to increase our brand awareness. In this senior marketing role, you will plan, lead and manage Nations Fresh Food’s digital marketing strategy and initiatives, social media planning & execution, and optimization and you will oversee advertisements and commercials for all Nations Fresh Food locations and for its associated stores, if necessary.

We offer a competitive salary of $45 per hour for 37.5 hours per week, with two weeks of paid vacation annually. You will be working at Unit 445, 2 King Street West, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A2.

publish date: April 6, 2021


♦   Develop and execute an effective and comprehensive media and e-commerce marketing strategy.

♦   Propose and implement a detailed media marketing plan, including:

♦   Manage and oversee the marketing activities of our existing online mobile platform (“Oceans & Nations Fresh Foods”) , and our websites with the assistance of IT support.

♦   Set and monitor a detailed budget for the regional media and e-commerce marketing operations.

♦   Conduct market and product research to identify potential and effective social media marketing platforms.

♦   Acquire insight in online marketing trends and keep strategies up-to-date.

♦   Identify and evaluate independent media marketing providers and development business relationship with them.

♦   Marketing new, trending or unique products to sell at the supermarkets.

♦   Lead and organize the major marketing events and promotion campaigns for holidays or cultural events such as Lunar New Year, Mid-autumn Festival etc.

♦   Train and supervise relevant staff members regarding marketing activities; hire staff if required.


1,   Bachelor’s degree or above is required.

2,   At least 5 years’ experience in a senior managerial role in the marketing industry including.

3,   Ability to edit and operate WeChat official account, including articles and commercials editing, publishing and promotions.

4,   Fluent in spoken and written Mandarin and/or Cantonese to prepare Chinese-language promotional materials and effectively communicate with local media outlets, and Chinese suppliers, distributors and logistics partners.

Please send your resume and cover letter or writing sample to recruit.nations@nationsfreshfoods.ca. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.